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A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.

Nemesis was created to bring people together in an atmosphere of fun competition to help people realize their purpose and goals in the world of PWI. Territory War is our primary focus and it is our intention to strive and endeavor to be a respectable TERRITORY WAR FACTION AND PRIORITIES ARE PUT ON ACTIVITIES AND FUNCTIONS THAT HELP US REALIZE THAT GOAL.

Why you might want to be a part of Nemesis and what you are asked to bring to our faction:
- We are comprised of and looking for members who are active, loyal, helpful, mature and fun team players who are always striving to help the faction secure its visions and goals OF WHICH THE FIRST AND FOREMOST IS TERRITORY WAR. You MUST be PVP minded WITHOUT EXCEPTION. That means you will be prepared and excited to attend TW EVERY WEEK and conscious of helping the faction as a whole to be ready for TW.

Faction Rules and Guidelines:

#1 MOST IMPORTANT RULE: HAVE FUN!!!!!! Remember this is a GAME!!

-First and foremost you are expected to sign up and attend every TW. Obviously under certain circumstances in real life there are times you will have to miss attending. If you are missing TW on a regular basis you can EXPECT TO BE REMOVED FROM THE FACTION. What we will NOT be doing is begging members to sign up and attend TW.

- You are expected to register on the forums and read the rules and guidelines. Members are encouraged to frequent the forums in order to stay informed of what is currently happening in the faction (officers do not have time to repeat over and over in faction chat what could easily be obtained on the forums). Feel free to offer up advice, thoughts, guidelines, or just anything fun and thought provoking, etc. if you feel inclined. The forums are designed to be informative and fun!

- You must have ventrillo installed (mic is optional but encouraged) in order to participate in TW. There is absolutely no time to be trying to type anything during a successful TW. Note: All officers must have a mic.

- You must sign up on the forums in advance for TW in order to participate. Please, sign up at the very earliest that you can to allow the maximum amount of time for our TW officers to make their plans.

Please keep PK clean and respectable. If you choose to play in PK mode on a PVE server that is a choice you make so please do not complain or start a bunch of drama when you are killed or drop items. Camping of low levels such as at Hidden Orchid or in the Cube will NOT be allowed. ALSO, DO NOT HIT/KILL FACTION MEMBERS WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT, THIS CAUSES UNNECESSARY DRAMA. Thank you.

- You are encouraged to volunteer when guildies are asking for help (this does not mean only helping your good friends). We are trying to make our whole faction strong and help each other realize our goals.

- If you leave the faction it is up to the Leader and Director as to whether or not you will be let back in.

Drama will NOT be tolerated. You are expected to conduct yoursel as an adult. If you get angry, log off and cool down. I am not a judge, jury or babysitter. I am a gamer here to have fun with friends. If you bring me some kind of accusation you need to have it backed up with a screenshot. I'm not going to take sides!!!! Show me the proof or don't bother. Before rageqitting the faction you need to remember...BLACKLIST IS YOUR FRIEND!!! Drama will NOT be tolerated in faction or outside of faction. Any flaming in regards to religeous preferences, sexuality, gender preferences, race, etc.... will NOT be allowed and will result in instant removal from the faction.